Wild Rider Launch Day!

Hey Romantics!

Today’s the day! Wild Rider is out now in ebook form for your easy consumption! Pick it up NOW from Amazon.

Wahooo! Look at that cover! I need a fan.

For those not in the know, Wild Rider is book #2 in the Bad Boy Bikers series, which follows the exploits of the Wrecking Crew Motorcycle Club, a gang of outlaw bikers who kick ass, take names, and love like hell. Each book in this series is a stand-alone, which means that you can pick up Wild Rider without needing to read the book before it (Hard Rider)—although of course, I definitely recommend reading Hard Rider as I think it is pretty great.

Wild Rider takes place in the town of Stockland, Texas, where the Wrecking Crew has sent a ragtag group of outcast bikers on what amounts to a suicide mission. They have to take on a gang a dozen times their size and bring it in to the Wrecking Crew territory. One of these outlaws is Beretta (first introduced in Hard Rider), a recovering addict with a penchant for violence and a weak spot for chocolate sweets. When a job goes horribly wrong, he runs into an old flame—the nurse, Helen—and kidnaps her to deal with the consequences. Soon, the two of them are spun together inextricably, with Helen trapped as Beretta’s old lady to keep herself safe. Only, Beretta is hot as hell, and she’s starting to enjoy the idea of being his permanent property…

This book was LOTS of fun to write, and reviewers are already saying that it’s lots of fun to read, too. As of this moment, there are over THIRTY reviews on Amazon with a 4.5 (out of 5) average. Pretty good, I’d say! I hope that you’ll pick it up, and I hope you’ll leave your review too. Reviews really help independent authors like me stay relevant, and I depend on your thoughts to know how I’m entertaining you.

At any rate—if you’re in the mood for a wild ride full of action, steam, lust, and whole lot of love, look no further than Wild Rider today! Oh! And so you know--as a special bonus, for a limited time, Wild Rider  will include my FIRSTalpha male badass gladiator romance, Heart of the Gladiator, as a FREE bonus!

Bad Boy Bikers Covers Reveal!

Bad Boy Bikers Covers Reveal!

Hey there Romantics!

From the depths, I return!  Great news today. I’ve been hard at work on some brand new fantastic fiction for you, coming out in just a couple of weeks! I’ve been working SO HARD, actually, that I’ve got TWO book covers to show to you (made by the incomparable Cormar Covers). Whaaaaaaat double book time!?!?!?!?!?

HARD RIDER is now available!

Wahooooo! Hard Rider is now out and ready for your consumption! This bad boy romance hits all the marks--forbidden romance, undeniable lust, uncontrollable passion, and shocking twists and turns that will leave your head spinning and fill you with a need for a cold drink to cool yourself down.

Available on Amazon!

Available on Amazon!

It is currently FREE--though it won't be forever--so pick it up while you can! I think it's a super great book (obvi, I wrote it) and a really fun time; but hey, don't take my word for it. Right now it's got a 4.6 average out of 5 on Amazon and by gosh, if that doesn't spell quality, nothing does.

Don't forget also to take advantage of the HUGE $300 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway I'm hosting to promote the release! I want you to win FREE Amazon cash, y'all. Wheeee! Sign up here or HERE to do it on Facebook.

Okay, that's it from me--except to say that I am ALSO discounting all of the books in my Affairs of the Arena series for a Limited Time! That's right--if you love MC badasses, you'll probably love sweaty, ripped, hardcore gladiators kicking ass and stealing hearts. Check it out! You can also follow me on Facebook or get in touch with me on twitter @LydiaPax.


Huge $300 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

Gigantic news today! To celebrate the upcoming release of my new bad boy biker romance, Hard Rider (coming out in ebook format March 17th, 2016)--I've got a HUGE giveaway running. $300 in Amazon Gift Card prizes are available with a $100 Grand Prize--whaaaaaaaaaat. Check out how to enter below!

Pretty straightforward! Just social media the hell out of Hard Rider and you're getting your entries in!

If you want more of my writing right NOW, you can check out the Affairs of the Arena series on Amazon, a romantic trilogy featuring alpha male gladiators and the women who steal their hearts. You can also follow me on Facebook or get in touch with me on twitter @LydiaPax.

Goodreads Giveaway now live! Win a free, signed hard copy.

What's up everybody! I've got great news for you today--my promotional Goodreads giveaway has begun to promote the upcoming release of Hard Rider on March 17th, 2016.

By signing up (for freeeeee whaaaat) you can win a free, signed hard copy of Hard Rider. And by "signed," I do not mean that I am going to grab some random person off the street and have them sign the book...

HARD RIDER print version out now!

Now, this isn't a HUGE deal because, like most indie authors, I make virtually all of my sales via ebook transactions. So, I would bet that the vast, VAST majority of you fine folks reading this are like, “Whaaa? Print book? Gimme that sweet, sweet ebook copy pronto, Lydia!”

And I will. Next week! March 17th, 2016 is the big launch day.

Until then, if you simply can't wait to get your hands on this excellent book full of bad boy alpha action, then I would heartily recommend picking up Hard Rider today!

HARD RIDER chapter sneak peek!

HARD RIDER chapter sneak peek!

The new novel comes out on March 17th—just two weeks away!—and I'm crazy excited to share it with you. I'm so excited, in fact, that I'm releasing an ENTIRE chapter right now just to give you a taste!

Hard Rider is a hot, thrills-and-steam motorcycle club romance. It features a hard-as-nails bad-ass biker and the one special girl who can keep pace with him—it's just too bad he's an outlaw, and she's the daughter of the sheriff obsessed with bringing him to justice. Their passion is powerful and undeniable...and it might just tear their worlds apart.

New novel in March 2016!

New novel in March 2016!

It's got all the big hits—an alpha male bad boy who couldn't possibly be tied down, a smart-as-hell babe who knows she can never fall in love, and a scintillating plot guaranteed to make your seat warm. He's the son of a MC Prez; she's the daughter of the sheriff—and a shocking murder sets off a chain of events that pushes them into each other's arms for better or for worse...

Background for Affairs of the Arena

Who doesn't love backstory?

So, this blog is (obviously) for promoting my new releases and sharing exciting deals and giveaways with you, but I also wanted to have some outlet for writing about Ancient Roman History because I’m a big nerd. Now, I’ve got a degree in History, but as really any person with a BA in History will tell you, mostly that is a degree celebrating you for how well you can create an argument, and not necessarily how well you can research (This is true, I feel, for really any sort of BA). Not to throw anyone under the bus out there—arguing well is really hard, and takes a considerable amount of research to do well.  But, it’s only really at the MA and Doctorate level that super in-depth research gets to a truly scholarly level. So, as Dan Carlin (of Hardcore History) says all the time: I’m not a historian, I’m just a fan of history.

For my first blog post of this kind, I wanted to get into some of the history behind the Affairs of the Arena series.

We start in the late 190s A.D., or C.E., or whatever is most appropriate (see? Not a historian). At this time, a guy named Septimus Severus is Emperor. He was a rather ruthless man, who used the chaos after the death of Commodus to ascend to the throne.

So I’m going to stop there because I can already feel the haze start to form over your eyes. I find this sort of thing ENTHRALLING but I get why others don’t. It’s a bunch of old white dudes in togas and who cares?

Well, it’s NOT exactly old white dudes in togas. Severus was from North Africa and is frequently noted to have dark skin. Which I think is kind of awesome—Rome didn’t really have our modern concepts of racism (which didn’t develop until WAY later), and so long as someone was capable and a citizen (which was REALLY hard/infrequent at the time), they could rise up through the ranks without any prejudice based on skin color. Now, this isn’t to say there wasn’t prejudice; Rome was one of the most classist, elitist societies that has ever existed. But there wasn’t all the weirdness we have that revolves around pigmentation.

Severus gets a bad rap from a lot of people because he was super militant and devalued the Roman currency. This had the duel effect of A.) Enforcing the idea that it was the military who kept people in power and B.) making it really, really hard to effectively pay the military later on down the road. What THAT means is that, until Diocletian takes power some eighty-odd years later, the military is pretty much in charge.

There’s this whole fascinating part of Roman history called “The Crisis of the 3rd Century” in which basically the military keeps putting people in power and then chucking them out when they don’t get paid enough. To get more payment FOR the military, Emperors keep printing coins…but there’s only a finite amount of actual silver and gold to provide for these coins. It’s problems town, and Rome never really rebounded.

But, I tend to like Severus, if only because he’s not Commodus, who was probably the worst Emperor in Roman History (outside of perhaps Severus’s son, Caracalla, who is a whole OTHER can of worms of bad).

Commodus came after the Reign of the “Five Good Emperors,” which was essentially a century-long golden age for Rome that established them as the Emperor-led superpower that we know this Imperial form as today. Commodus was crazy. Super crazy. Crazier than a whole factory full of crazy glue.

Some examples:

  • He was born Marcus Aurelius Commodus. He died (after renaming himself numerous times) Lucius Aelius Aurelius Commodus Augustus Herculeus Romanus Exsuperatorius Amazonius Invictus Felix Pius. That is, even for a Roman Emperor, way too many names.
  • He renamed the Roman calendar months. The new names corresponded with his OWN names—all twelve of them.
  • When part of Rome burned down (a recurring problem), he took the opportunity to rename it as Colonia Lucia Annia Commodiana, as well as renaming Senators, Legions, and the like to various forms of “Commodus.”
  • He thought he was the reincarnation of Hercules, going so far as to wear a dead lion pelt around his body and carrying a great giant club with him when he had to pass judgments on people who petitioned him for favors and the like.
  • Just imagine the above for a minute. Imagine going to petition the most powerful man in an Empire, and he’s dressed in a lion pelt with a gigantic club.
  • No, really, HE THOUGHT HE WAS HERCULES. He had statues drawn up to make him look more Herculean.
  • He fought as a gladiator in the Colosseum. As Hercules. (His opponents would have dulled or wooden weapons, so he was never really in harm’s way. I guess his Hercules powers were contingent on never ever once being tested?)
  • So, Severus didn’t kill Commodus, but like a lot of Romans at the time, he was probably thinking about it. He provided a lot of stability and success to Rome at a time when it needed exactly that, even if his sons almost immediately ruined it.


I write Historical Romance, the most recent of which (in terms of release day, at any rate) are the Affairs of the Arena series. Heart of the GladiatorLove of the Gladiator, and Desire of the Gladiator are all available NOW and are on Kindle Unlimited.

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