New novel in March 2016!

Two huge announcements today! The first is pretty obvious—I've started up with a brand new website. I think it looks SUPER and I hope you do too.

More to the point, however, (and unarguably a much bigger announcement)--I've got a new book coming out on the 17th of March!

Here's the cover:


Sigh. Isn't it wonderful?

Those of you familiar with my work in the past (including Heart of the Gladiator, Love of the Gladiator, and Desire of the Gladiator) might notice a certain theme that this book is noticeably lacking, namely gladiators. Why the shift?

Well, Roman history is completely awesome and something I'll love for the rest of my life. I'm really proud of the Affairs of the Arena and think they are terrific historical romance novels well worth your time and money.

But, as it turns out, it wasn't a genre that I could really make work for a wide audience. Double sigh. Oh well. BUT—I have a great love for romance and its many terrific forms, and one of those in particular is the Motorcycle Club Romance—which this new book definitely is. It's got all the big hits—an alpha male bad boy who couldn't possibly be tied down, a smart-as-hell babe who knows she can never fall in love, and a scintillating plot guaranteed to make your seat warm. He's the son of a MC Prez; she's the daughter of the sheriff—and a shocking murder sets off a chain of events that pushes them into each other's arms for better or for worse.

Hard Rider is out in March—more information is forthcoming!