Goodreads Giveaway now live! Win a free, signed hard copy.

What's up everybody! I've got great news for you today--my promotional Goodreads giveaway has begun to promote the upcoming release of Hard Rider on March 17th, 2016.

By signing up (for freeeeee whaaaat) you can win a free, signed hard copy of Hard Rider. And by "signed," I do not mean that I am going to grab some random person off the street and have them sign the book. Robert J. Robertson and Heather F. Heatherdaughter will NOT be signing this book. I am the one signing it. ME. I called dibs. Because, you know, it's my book.'ll be your book. But until that point, I'm doing what I want with it. Maybe I'll read it in the bath, or leave it out in the kitchen while I cook eggs, or use it to teach my dog some tricks.

Probably not. Probably I'll just sign it straightaway, wrap it up in a Trader Joe's paper bag, and sent it to you. BUT YOU NEVER KNOW.


Sign up is here. Do it now! Get in there! Tweet and share this giveaway with your friends! I know it's sort of counter-intuitive--why share news about a giveaway? But it will help me out, really.

Okay, that's all from me right now.

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