HARD RIDER print version out now!

Hard Rider is out in print! Hooray!

Available on Amazon!

Available on Amazon!

Now, this isn't a HUGE deal because, like most indie authors, I make virtually all of my sales via ebook transactions. So, I would bet that the vast, VAST majority of you fine folks reading this are like, “Whaaa? Print book? Gimme that sweet, sweet ebook copy pronto, Lydia!”

And I will. Next week! March 17th, 2016 is the big launch day.

Until then, if you simply can't wait to get your hands on this excellent book full of bad boy alpha action, then I would heartily recommend picking up Hard Rider today!

The reason the print version is coming out before the ebook version is all marketing, baby. I've got ARCs stacked on ARCs stacked on ARCs circulating out there in cyberspace, and I want people to be able to leave reviews before the ebook version is official to drum up some buzz (how's that for a mixed metaphor?).

SO! Pick up that sweet print copy if you're hankering for a read. Otherwise, pretty please stay tuned in for the big launch day on March 17th!

If you want more of my writing right NOW, you can check out the Affairs of the Arena series on Amazon, a romantic trilogy featuring alpha male gladiators and the women who steal their hearts. You can also follow me on Facebook or get in touch with me on twitter @LydiaPax.