Wild Rider Launch Day!

Hey Romantics!

Today’s the day! Wild Rider is out now in ebook form for your easy consumption! Pick it up NOW from Amazon.

Wahooo! Look at that cover! I need a fan.

For those not in the know, Wild Rider is book #2 in the Bad Boy Bikers series, which follows the exploits of the Wrecking Crew Motorcycle Club, a gang of outlaw bikers who kick ass, take names, and love like hell. Each book in this series is a stand-alone, which means that you can pick up Wild Rider without needing to read the book before it (Hard Rider)—although of course, I definitely recommend reading Hard Rider as I think it is pretty great.

Wild Rider takes place in the town of Stockland, Texas, where the Wrecking Crew has sent a ragtag group of outcast bikers on what amounts to a suicide mission. They have to take on a gang a dozen times their size and bring it in to the Wrecking Crew territory. One of these outlaws is Beretta (first introduced in Hard Rider), a recovering addict with a penchant for violence and a weak spot for chocolate sweets. When a job goes horribly wrong, he runs into an old flame—the nurse, Helen—and kidnaps her to deal with the consequences. Soon, the two of them are spun together inextricably, with Helen trapped as Beretta’s old lady to keep herself safe. Only, Beretta is hot as hell, and she’s starting to enjoy the idea of being his permanent property…

This book was LOTS of fun to write, and reviewers are already saying that it’s lots of fun to read, too. As of this moment, there are over THIRTY reviews on Amazon with a 4.5 (out of 5) average. Pretty good, I’d say! I hope that you’ll pick it up, and I hope you’ll leave your review too. Reviews really help independent authors like me stay relevant, and I depend on your thoughts to know how I’m entertaining you.

At any rate—if you’re in the mood for a wild ride full of action, steam, lust, and whole lot of love, look no further than Wild Rider today! Oh! And so you know--as a special bonus, for a limited time, Wild Rider  will include my FIRSTalpha male badass gladiator romance, Heart of the Gladiator, as a FREE bonus!