Bad Boy Bikers Covers Reveal!

Hey there Romantics!

From the depths, I return!  Great news today. I’ve been hard at work on some brand new fantastic fiction for you, coming out in just a couple of weeks! I’ve been working SO HARD, actually, that I’ve got TWO book covers to show to you (made by the incomparable Cormar Covers). Whaaaaaaat double book time!?!?!?!?!?

Anyway, these books are WILD RIDER and ROUGH RIDER, the sequels to HARD RIDER. It’s important to note that while these are sequels and they are in the same universe as HARD RIDER, they are both stand-alone novels—meaning that they are independent narratives that can be read on their own without having read the books before them. Each book has a happily-ever-after and each features a rippling hard badass alpha biker and a smart, beautiful woman who captures his heart.

The first of these, WILD RIDER, follows the story of Beretta—who was introduced in HARD RIDER. Beretta has joined up with the Wrecking Crew after the events of HARD RIDER, but he’s still not entirely trusted by his fellow gang members. He and a ragtag team of other gang outcasts are sent to Stockland, Texas, to take over the criminal operation there and get a foothold for the Wrecking Crew MC. Only, things don’t go quite as they should. There’s a psychopath running the rival gang, and he’s got it in his deranged mind to kill the Wrecking Crew before they can even get started. Making it all more complicated, Beretta runs into an old flame, Helen…and ends up having to kidnap her and make her his old lady to protect her from the danger in the streets. Helen thought she was done with Beretta—he broke her heart and she isn’t likely to forgive that easily. But then, he’s crazy hot and such a supreme alpha that she’d be totally witless not to at least enjoy his body while she has to be his property…

Here’s the cover!


And—bonus treat! Special super ultra mega cool bonus time! Here’s the cover for ROUGH RIDER.


More details on ROUGH RIDER will follow—but rest assured, it’s as steamy and exciting as the first two in the series!