Leda is better than the lowly place she finds herself in. Born a princess and now trapped as a slave serving gladiators, she fights every day just to keep her head above water. Her petitions for freedom and a return to her home country are tireless—but as a princess, she has to remain pure, and her body untainted, if she is to return at all. 

The last thing she should do is fall for a gladiator. But that’s exactly what happens when arena warrior Conall saves her life from a would-be assassin. Conall is wrong for Leda in every way. He’s wild. He’s reckless. He’s utterly beneath her station. 

He’s also got a hard, ripped body forged by dozens of battles, a stare that makes her melt, and a love so fierce that it digs deep into the fibers of her soul. Their heat is undeniable, but Conall is dead-set on pursuing one too-dangerous fight after another. His passion will get him killed—but it’s also what draws Leda to him with her breaths hot and her undergarments totally soaked. 

When they join together, they risk everything. But if there’s one thing worth dying for, it’s the desire of a gladiator.

Desire of the Gladiator

  • Print Length: 228 pages
  • Publisher: Princeps Publishing
  • Publication Date: October 13, 2015

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